Transforming day-to-day operations with mTrack

How a mission-critical time-tracking system supports 10K+ employees daily for the Maryland Department of Transportation.

The challenge:

Assist the Maryland Department of Transportation in replacing its existing payroll system’s manual processes with a software solution.

When it comes to time-tracking, easy access to accurate information is everything. MDOT required a mission critical system that could meet the following objectives:

Automate the time entry reporting process by creating an electronic version of the hardcopy time report and providing front-end capabilities for earnings, leave and accounting codes.

Streamline the time report process to allow easier access to information without compromising the internal accounting control environment or allowing for unauthorized access to employee data.

Provide front-end capabilities for accounting code validation when charging time.

Minimize back-end corrections by validating leave and earnings codes before passing the time distribution file to EMIS for bi-weekly payroll processing.

Mirror business processes as covered by current payroll and human resource policy, noting gaps where applicable, and recommending future enhancement or system modifications to increase business process efficiency.

Our approach:

Utilize GoalMindTM— Carbonado’s proprietary software— to create a bespoke solution that supports a tighter internal control of day-to-day operations.

To build a custom solution for MDOT, the Carbonado team met with representatives from all seven business units to gather intel and initial user specifications. In providing this solution, Carbonado also took on key roles during the implementation process, including technical support, design validation, installation and testing, training, documentation, and maintenance.

Enhanced functionality features:

Customizable business rules for each Transportation business unit

Built-in ad hoc reports

Virtual hours

Charge Code Builder enabling MDOT to take advantage of Federal transportation dollars.

FMIS and EMIS mainframe integration

Payroll Hierarchy of approvers. (TBU – Regional Center – Work Category – Work Unit. )

Comprehensive Time reports

Enhanced Security features:

Strong user authentication and password control measures. Meet or exceed the most current State of Maryland Department of Information Technology’s Information Security Policy, including specific requirements for password length, complexity, history, and account lockout.

FIPS PUB 140-2 compliant API(s) to secure data at rest and in transit.

Auditing process to monitor user access activities, authorized and failed access attempts, system exceptions, and critical information security events as recommended by the State of Maryland Department of Information Security Policy


The project went live with MDOT in 2006. Since implementing mTrack, leadership has tracked the following results:

An overall tighter internal control of employee time

Increased accuracy in time tracking across all departments

Instant leave balances (no more payroll data corrections)

Less time spent trying to track labor-hours for specific products

Satisfied with the results, MDOT has renewed its contract in 2010, 2015, and 2021. In conclusion, mTrack is not only an impressive and impactful application of GoalMind™— it’s a glimpse into the possibilities available to future clients looking to go beyond cookie-cutter software and implement hyper-specific solutions customized to their unique challenges.

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